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100 Toys is a place where you can learn about your child’s development, and discover toys and free activities to help them along. With years of teaching experience, and using a framework backed by science, our mission is to help you understand how your child grows, what they need at each step of the way, and how to gently steer their path to ensure they enjoy the journey.

100 Toys is online toy shop with a difference. All toys are sorted into very specific age categories, alongside free educational activity ideas and information for parents so they can understand the science behind their child’s learning and development.

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The information provided on their site is incredibly detailed, yet easy to read and broken down into many different categories. I’ve really enjoyed reading through their learning through play section.

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As a small business their products are not cheap however over on their instagram the other day, 100 Toys answered the question of why all their toys are expensive and this was their answer:
“The products themselves are expensive to make. It takes a year for Ostheimer to train a craftsman to carve their beautiful figures, and the carving process itself is time-consuming. It’s a similar story for Grimm’s, Maileg, Moilin Roty and Grapat.”

“We use a fulfilment partner, a company that stores and ships our products for us. We love them because they’re friendly and super efficient. The downside is that we are charged when a product arrives and again when it leaves. The fees soon mount up. It’s simply uneconomical to sell products below a certain price.”

But as their founder Alexis says “A great toy collection needn’t cost much. It’s how imaginatively you use it that counts.”


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