Activities | Pine Cone Painting

We do love a quick and easy activity to set up and have fun with.

This combines two activities and we even used the painting in our Father’s Day card this year.

First activity- grab a little basket or bag get outside and find some pine cones! You could even do a nature hunt and find more things to use for other activities.

Second activity- you’ll need some paint, paper and some kind of tray with edges so the pine cone doesn’t fall out.

Place the paper in the tray and squirt paint around the paper. I added white paint on top to add more variation to the colours.

Add one or more pine cones into the tray and then move the tray around as much as possible whilst keeping the pine cones inside.

Not only does the paper look really cool but so does the pine cone covered in paint. It can also be saved and used again and again. The paper makes great cards and also wrapping paper.

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