Top Tips | Newborn Etiquette

Today we’re sharing our advice for Newborn Etiquette – things to do (or not do) when you go to visit a newborn baby and their parents.
  • When a baby is days old (even weeks old) mums hormones will be raging. Be very careful with any comments or advice you may have to offer. It’s best to keep this to yourself and if parents want advice or opinions they’ll probably ask. The typical scenario is “in my day we…”!

  • Bring something for the parents – some cake, biscuits, dinner to pop in the oven.. all of these things will go down very well.
  • Don’t stay to long.. it’s hard when you want to spend time with the new arrival but remember that Mum and Dad need time alone to bond with their baby.
  • It’s probably best not to turn up uninvited. The new parents (and baby) maybe napping, or resting. They need time to themselves and catch up on sleep. Or there maybe other visitors, which can just be a bit overwhelming.
  • Don’t expect to keep returning, wait for an invitation after you first meet the baby. We know everyone loves newborn cuddles, but there will be lots of other people who need to come and meet the little one as well. Be patient, you will be invited back – it could just be a couple of weeks.
  • It’s best to wait to be offered a cuddle with the newborn, some parents maybe happy to let you have a hold whilst others maybe more reluctant. Remember mums hormones will be playing havoc and she won’t want to be separated from her baby for too long. Extra brownie points if you wash hands before you do hold the baby.
  • On that note if you sense things are going well and you’re a really close friend or family member – Whilst you’re visiting If you can offer to take the bubba for a walk or cuddle whilst mum has a nap or a shower this will probably go down well too. The gift of time is just amazing, having a newborn baby to look after is tiring and any extra help the new parents can get will do them the world of good.
  • Offer to meet a friend out of the house (but only if they are ready). Sometimes it’s great just to have an excuse to get out of the house. Meeting a friend at a coffee shop can make a new mum (and partner) feel quite human again. You might have to be patient as well probably/maybe… okay definitely be running late. But equally don’t push this idea on new parents as they may just want to stay at home.




What top tips can you think of when visiting new parents?


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