Top Tips | 6 Tips for Jet Lag


Ironically this post is a little late as I got off a 10 hour flight yesterday. Over my years of nannying I have found the tips below help when getting over jet lag myself and with the children I look after. I hope these help for any of you traveling this summer.

  1. Get lots of natural light by going outside as much as possible the first few days.
  2. Eat meals at the correct new time, don’t skip a meal even if you’re not very hungry. Instead just have a smaller portion.
  3. Set your watch to the new time when you get on the plane and try not to compare the two times after that.
  4. Hydration. Make sure you don’t forget to drink lots of water as flying is very dehydrating.
  5. Some say swimming is good for jet lag as well as walking barefoot on grass as it apparently helps ground the body.
  6. Keep to the children’s routine as much as possible when you arrive.

Do you have any top tips for jet lag yourself? Please leave a comment below!

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