Recipes | Four fabulous ways to serve Salmon to Children

Getting fish into some children can be really hard work.. but others just love it. I’ve definitely got a salmon lover on my hands here – he wolfed down the Salmon in ginger and soy sauce from ‘feeding bytes’, but for others it’s just not that easy. So today we’re sharing 4 salmon recipe ideas which will help to get fish into children who aren’t big fish fans.

These dishes are colourful and appealing, we hope you & your little ones like them.

Feeding Bytes – Ginger Soy Sauce Salmon

We found this recipe great for children – the subtle Asian flavours cover up that slightly fishy taste that children may not like. The recipe itself is a little fiddly however, following it exactly gives you a great texture to the fish.

Salmon by feeding bytes

We’ve previously featured some great salmon recipes on pocketnannies and we really think they work. Click on the title for the original recipe post.

Salmon BBQ Bites

These Salmon BBQ bites are a great way of introducing salmon as “fish fingers or fish bites” to children who otherwise may not want to branch out from your average fish fingers. You can make it more fun for children by serving with some dippy sauces.

Salmon BBQ Bites pocketnannies

Smoked Salmon & Crème fraîche pasta 

This is another easy recipe – it also has lots of ways in which you can adapt it. For example.. if you think the taste of smoked salmon maybe too strong for a wary little fish eater you may prefer not to use smoked salmon and just use normal salmon. You can also poach the salmon in milk, either in a pan or even in the microwave, adding it to the pasta at the same stage as explained on the original recipe. I’ve also added cream cheese instead of Crème fraîche, as that’s what we had in the fridge, and also green pesto to create slightly different flavour.

Salmon pasta

Salmon Risotto 

This recipe is a great family recipe – you can’t really go wrong with a risotto – there’s so much going on that the salmon is actually quite well hidden.

Screenshot 2019-04-15 at 13.57.18

What are your favourite salmon recipes?


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