Books| The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read

The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read (and Your Children Will be Glad That You Did) written by Philippa Perry, a psychotherapist and agony aunt for Red Magazine. Her husband is the artist Grayson Perry.

This book is everywhere I look at the moment, I guess this is due to it being a #1 Sunday Times bestseller. I read three quarters of this book very quickly, the last quarter took a little longer. I read a lot of “parenting” books to keep my knowledge ticking over and for a fresh perspective on looking after children. The lesson I have learnt is to take the parts that resonate with you from these books and leave the parts that don’t.

Perry’s book is an interesting read, with many clear messages. I did find it slightly simplistic in some of its views, in some parts it felt like the real world wasn’t really happening alongside some of her parenting wisdom. I did however like the fact that it covers all age ranges including the teenage years and that it focuses on good communication, honesty and mental health. The fact that it is never too late to repair a “rupture” in your relationship with a child is spoken about a lot and that it is often how your deal with repairing the rupture that is more important than focussing on the fact that the rupture actually happened.

It was refreshing to read a parenting book that focused on the parent child relationship over the whole of childhood into adulthood and not just one part of parenting at a specific stage.

So if you are looking for a slightly different parenting book filled with real life stories and a positive perspective on raising children then I would definitely recommend picking up a copy.

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