Books | Bedtime Stories with Strong Female Role Models

For many people, there’s nothing more challenging than getting their toddler to go to bed. With so much energy for play, it can be hard for them to recognise when they need rest. If you’re familiar with the late-night requests for water, or yet another trip to
the bathroom, you know bedtime always takes some convincing. That’s why many parents turn to a bedtime story to help their child wind down. Plus, reading aloud is a great time to bond, encourage strong reading later on, and instill positive lessons.

For anyone with a young girl in their life, you know it can be challenging to find stories that aren’t all about princesses and damsels in distress. That’s why Sleep
compiled this great list of empowering stories for young girls. On their list are stories of women from history that show women can and do make a difference. There are also books that encourage young girls to love and appreciate all their individual differences. And for those little princess-lovers, there are modern retellings of classic tales that put the princess in charge.

Reading an inspiring story to the young girl in your life is the perfect way to spend some quality time, wind down for sleep, and give her positive female role models. For several great recommendations, check out this infographic below. You can find the original here.

We also think these books would be great for young boys too, there is nothing but positive outcomes for boys to hear about empowering women and positive female role models.

Inspiring bedtime stories infographic


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