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Have you come across KIDLY yet? We stumbled across KIDLY a few weeks ago whilst searching for the perfect baby present.

“Things for kids you’ll love too”. 

We’ve found KIDLY so easy to navigate. You can shop by room, by stage and also using their gift finder or holiday shop.

There are clear categories for example:

  • Living & Dining, which are then sub categorised into sit, eat, drink.
  • Activities, which is then sub categorised into read, create and swim.
  • Wash & clean, which is then sub categorised into teethe, change, and bath.

Screenshot 2019-04-15 at 14.16.29

I don’t know if it’s just in my pregnant state I really really appreciated the clear categories, but I definitely feel it made the whole shopping experience a whole lot easier. In particular for those moments when you don’t quite know what product it is that you’re after, you’re not quite sure what to type into that search box. (Maybe it was baby brain)!!!

“The KIDLY Difference – All our products are tested by real parents. We stock brands & our awesome own-label. It’s truly an effortless experience”.

We spotted some really lovely and quite different products. For example:

kidly products

kidly products 1

The products are all rather beautiful I’d say, these are a collection of things that stood out for me.

KIDLY’s Collection is “Always style with substance! We scour the planet to bring the world’s best brands together in one place and we’ll only sell design-led and genuinely useful products. In fact, everything is tested by little ones and approved by their parents before we sell It”.

Theres definitely care and attention that goes into selecting the products they stock, we’ve written before about why wooden toys are so great (you can read that post here). But you won’t find tacky plastic products on KIDLY. You may find the prices are more expensive than other stores, but this is definitely reflected in the quality of the products.

I can also vouch for the customer service – I accidentally ordered 2 of the same product (that definitely was baby brain)! I spoke to the team via their online chat and my order was amended before it was sent out, phew!

You’ll find some great brands on KIDLY’s site, which again proves to me they can pride in sourcing good comapanies. For example, Etta Loves, waytoplay, Le Toy Van, Liewood, Doddlebags as well at their own KIDLY Label.

One more thing, KIDLY also donate to charity from every single order, which is another lovely touch.

Pop over to KIDLY now for a wonderful shopping experience.





* This post is not sponsored or endorsed by KIDLY in anyway, we simply love their products and the shopping experience we’ve had with them, and wanted to share it with you.

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