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Last we we wrote about our new found friends at Head 2 Heart Books – you and read that post here. We met with local author Clare Luther who kindly gifted us one of her books Olive. (I’d like to point out we approached Clare for this collaboration , and whilst we were given the book, we are always honest and all opinions are our own).

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Olive is the first of a collection of books under the series name The Little Paws Hotel. I don’t want to give too much away, but honestly these books are just SO lovely.

From the blurb:

Dogs are booked in for one day or more. 

Who has come to stay? Let’s open the door. 

Olive’s family is out for the day. Olive needs looking after and is booked in to The Little Paws Hotel. 

It’s Olive’s first visit and she arrives feeling worried.

Let’s find out how she gets on…

Olive is a miniature dachshund.

Her family is out for the day and Olive needs looking after, so she is booked in to The Little Paws Hotel.  

It’s Olive’s first visit and she arrives feeling worried. Find out how she manages to get through the day. 

This story gently addresses feelings of anxiety.


Clare and Maria have created beautiful books – both to look at and to read. The book flows so nicely – there’s something about rhyme that I find really helps to engage children. This book tells the story who is very anxious on her first day at The Little Paws Hotel.

We really love how gentle the story is – it brings up the issue of anxiety and feeling nervous but somehow in a subtle way. However we know having met and chatted about the book with Clare – children pick up on this so easily, and really relate to the feelings that are portrayed within the book.

Clare has spent time with pyschologists ensuring she is using the correct words within her writing, which I think is just amazing. It just goes to show how serious she is about getting the message across. Head 2 Heart books are “Gentle children’s stories for head and heart matters”. And I can definitely say it’s a gentle book – it tackles issues perfectly, and Clare tells me their next book titled Gus is going to look at being scared, or a fear. It will be published soon.

The Little Paws Hotel books are aimed at children aged from 4-8. However Clare explained that she has read Olive to nursery aged children, and she said that with her acting and explanations they definitely understood the feelings too.

I would wholeheartedly recommend this book to any adults and children who may feel they need a tool to access the feelings they are experiencing. This book will most certainly open up an opportunity for conversation with children who are experiencing similar feelings.



The dogs featured in these books are so relatable for children and you can tell Clare has really really thought about the way in which she has portrayed these characters.

The illustrations by Maria Floyd are just lovely – classical watercolour type illustrations make for a simple, easy to access set of pictures. I think children will really see the feelings on Olive’s face from the way in which Maria has illustrated the dogs.

You can buy Olive online, here or you can find local stockists including Lark London and Chalk in Southfields. It retails at £11.99.

Clare also visits schools, so if you think this is something your school could benefit from do get in touch with her via her email –


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