Top Tips | Relaxing on Holiday Whilst Being Safe & Without Loosing Your Routine

Now Easter is over for another year, many peoples thoughts will be turning to their summer holiday plans. You may want to have a read of our post about products that make traveling with children easier here and our ideas for keeping children entertained whilst traveling here. Below are some routine and safety tips to help you have the best holiday with your family this summer.

  • If there is a time difference try and get yourself and your children onto the new time as quickly as possible. Change your watch when you get on the plane and try not to think what time it is back home. Have meals at the time they should be in the new time zone as this helps reset your body clock faster.
  • Go with the flow as much as possible on travel days. Many things when we travel are out of our control so you may find it easier to take the child’s lead on these days and then get back into a routine the following day.
  • If your child naps during the day, encourage them to sleep around the same time as at home, however it maybe easier relaxing where this nap takes place. If you are going on a day trip you won’t be wanting to rush back to the hotel/villa for the post lunch nap. Perhaps these naps could take place on a towel in the shade on the beach or in their buggy whilst you have lunch. This buggy cover is great as it’s breathable and uv protective and keeps the area in the buggy nice and dark.
  • When you arrive at your destination make sure you set specific boundaries straight away for older children eg. no one allowed in the pool area without a parent. This will not only help keep your children safe but will also help them feel safe and secure in a new place.
  • If possible head to a local supermarket and stock up on healthy snacks. Holidays often lead to a much higher sugar and unhealthy food consumption so having healthy options for when your children start to get hungry can give you more control over what your children are eating.
  • Remember to offer more water than normal to keep everyone hydrated in hotter climates.
  • If possible try to only alter bedtimes and morning wake up times to within an hour of the times you have at home for under 5’s.
  • Try and ensure children’s rooms are dark so they aren’t woken early by the sun coming up. We love the Gro Anywhere Blinds but a roll of bin bags and some tape will get the job done.
  • Encourage big and little ones to have some downtime in the middle of the day when the sun is at its hottest. Colouring books, filling in holiday journals, reading and quiet play inside all work well for an hour or so of rest.
  • Playing with and giving your children your undivided attention for 30 minutes should stop them constantly asking you to come play and they should hopefully happily play on their own/ with siblings for another 30-45minutes allowing you to relax a little.
  • Make sure to get into the habit of making it clear who is watching the children when around water. If you are going to pop inside, make it very clear to whoever is responsible for watching the children when you are gone that you are no longer watching the children and they need to.



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