Activites | Crafts Made Simple

Toddlers and crafts can be a messy and time consuming activity. Well time consuming on your part anyway. Most toddlers concentration span on crafts is all of 3 minutes, and boy what a mess they can make in 3 minutes. But they love those 3 minutes so who are we to take it away from them? However sometimes you just need the simple option and that is where Hobbycraft come in. This post is not sponsored by them, we just truly love and use their products all the time.

A few weeks ago I did a big order on Hobbycraft in time for Easter. I got stickers, foam sheets in the shape of easter eggs, bunnies and chicks, an easter basket and these super fun Easter pom pom plate kits. All for just over £10!


The best part is that Hobbycraft stock so much and always have such great ideas. You can buy their ready to make kits or if you’re feeling more adventurous and you have a craft loving child then you can purchase all the individual components you need for any craft no matter how big your imagination. And at such good prices you can keep your craft cupboard fully stocked without breaking the bank.

Let us know some of your favourite Hobbycraft purchases you’ve made!

Happy crafting!



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