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Today we’ve got a new agency to share with you, Vacation Nannies, which has been set up by Charlotte Clay, a nanny with a passion for travel nannying. Charlotte is an experienced and well-travelled holiday nanny and proud to have helped make special holiday memories for lots of families. She always dreamed about starting a holiday nanny agency that matched families with the very best childcare professionals … and so Vacation Nannies was born! Let’s find out more…

Hi Charlotte, please can you tell us.. how did Vacation Nannies come about?
Vacation Nannies was created after many years working as an international holiday nanny based in Morzine. I have been developing the agency since 2016, following the sudden loss of my Father. He always suggested I set up as an agency, so I’m really pleased I have finally been brave enough to launch Vacation Nannies, using the experience and knowledge gained from working as a holiday nanny for many different families.

What can parents expect? Please tell us a bit more about Vacation Nannies, as an agency. 
Vacation Nannies operates as a travel nanny finding agency. We offer 3 packages*, Silver – 8 hours, Gold -12 hours and Platinum – 24 hours and prices are based on the experience and qualification of the nanny.

We also offer tailor-made and maternity packages on request. We negotiate nanny rates when we interview our nannies, so we can not only match the nanny to meet the families needs, but they will also suit their budget. Making it affordable for a wider range of families.

Screenshot 2019-04-05 at 09.10.13

Have you always loved travelling?
Yes! I was lucky enough to be taken on family holidays as a child and have carried on doing so as an adult. That’s what I loved about being a holiday nanny, having the opportunity to visit exciting destinations all over the world.

Do you have a favourite type of working holiday? Snow, beach, city?
As I worked as a ski nanny for 6 years, I would have to say snow! However, I love all destinations, especially if there is an interesting and exciting city or place near by for me to visit near by on my day off.

Vacation Nannies

What was your first experience of travelling with a family like?
On my first travelling job I was very lucky to work alongside a Norland nanny, who I’m still in touch with now. I worked as a holiday nanny for a British Kenyan family I met in Morzine. We had 4 young children to look after between us (including twins) and the Norland nanny taught me a lot about how a professionally trained nanny works.

I am forever thankful for having this opportunity, as everything she taught me on that trip has helped me grow as a professional nanny. Did you then just love going away with different families? Yes, that is what I loved most about being a holiday nanny. Every week the family changed and I would not only have the opportunity to meet lots of children, I also had the opportunity of meeting many different parents which I always found really interesting. I have had the experience of working alongside the 9-5 worker, to high status names. As a holiday nanny, you have to be able to adapt well to many different social situations and family dynamics, which as a personable and friendly nanny I used to enjoy.

Thank you for chatting to us Charlotte! If you’re looking for a travel nanny, look no further than Vacation Nannies, who will definitely be able to help you out.

* We love the clear pricing/hours structure the Vacation Nannies offers as sometimes travelling as a nanny can prove very difficult when negotiating hours etc. 

Find Vacation Nannies on facebook, here.


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