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Lately there’s been a lot of discussion about the use of sleep positioners and similar products, primarily due to the fact it was Lullaby Trust’s Safer Sleep Week very recently  (11th-17th March 2019). They have released new guidelines to help parents put their babies to bed as safely as possible. Lets take a closer look…

A clear cot is a safer cot

Babies are at higher risk of SIDS if they have their heads covered, so it is safest to keep baby’s cot clear of any items such as bumpers, toys and loose bedding. Unnecessary items in a baby’s cot can also increase the risk of accidents.

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How to choose baby sleeping products

There are a large number of sleeping products on the market so we have put together some guidelines to help you make an informed choice.

Our advice on choosing sleeping products for your baby

The safest place for a baby to sleep is a separate cot, crib or Moses basket. We recommend a firm, flat, waterproof mattress.

More information about products

New baby sleep products come on to the market regularly. We don’t generally recommend for or against any individual brand of product. We do have some corporate partnerships with key manufacturers, but these do not influence the research that our safer sleep advice is based on.

The research that backs up our safer sleep advice has found that the safest environment for a baby to sleep is a separate sleeping place (such as a cot) that has a firm, flat surface with a waterproof cover, and that the sleeping surface is in good condition and undamaged.

Things to check:

Does the item comply with British Standards? If so it should say on the product itself, its packaging, instructions or website.

If the item is something for your baby to sleep on such as a mattress is it:

• firm? (baby’s head should not sink in by more than a few millimetres)
• entirely flat with no raised or cushioned areas?
• does it have a waterproof cover?

A few essentials that you need

For safer sleep you don’t need to buy lots of products or spend more on expensive items. There are just a few items that we would recommend:

• cot or Moses basket
• portable sleep space such as Moses basket, travel cot or carry cot
• mattress
• sleeping bag or sheets and a blanket
• room thermometer
• car seat

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Products that we would advise you not to buy:

There are some items that we would not recommend:

• pods or nests
• pillows, duvets or thick heavy bedding
• cot bumpers
• hammocks
• sleep positioners

For more information on the products we do and do not recommend take a look at our product guide.

Our advice on choosing sleeping products for your baby

There is evidence to suggest that babies are at higher risk of SIDS if they have their heads covered and some items added to a cot may increase the risk of head-covering. Unnecessary items in a baby’s cot can also increase the risk of accidents.

While evidence on individual items is not widely available, it makes sense to be as cautious as possible.

We therefore recommend babies are slept in cots or Moses baskets that are kept as clear as possible and specifically advise:

  • No pillows or duvets
  • No cot bumpers
  • No soft toys
  • No loose bedding
  • No products – (such as wedges or straps) that will keep your baby in one sleeping position.

Read more advice on how to choose sleeping products here.

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Remove cot bumpers

Cot bumpers can pose the risk of an accident to your baby once they begin to roll and move about the cot. There have been a number of cases in the UK and abroad where infants have become entangled in the ties and material, or fallen from pulling themselves up on the bumpers.

A simple mattress in your cot with no loose bedding or bumpers is the safest sleeping place for a baby. Find out more about our advice on cot bumpers here.




Information and images are from the Lullaby Trust’s website.

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