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The Positive Birth Book provides “a new approach to pregnancy, birth and the early weeks”. It’s written by Milli Hill. Milli set up The Positive Birth Movement (PBM) in 2012.

What to expect from this book…

A thorough look at every type of birth you could imagine. This book is hugely informative and easy to read.

These are the titles of the chapters to give you an insight into just what Milli discusses in her book. I think you’ll agree sound rather interesting.

  • Chapter 1 – What do you bring to Birth?
  • Chapter 2 – What is giving birth really like?
  • Chapter 3 – A-Z of coping strategies
  • Chapter 4 – The reality of labour (watermelons, bowling balls, and tooth extractions).
  • Chapter 5 – The choice is yours
  • Chapter 6 – Planning your birth
  • Chapter 7 – Pregnant pause
  • Chapter 8 – Positive home birth
  • Chapter 9 – Positive hospital birth
  • Chapter 10 – Positive Birth Centre Birth
  • Chapter 11 – Positive caesarean birth
  • Chapter 13 – What if…?
  • Chapter 13 – birth of a mother

What I learnt… SO much. I found this book really accessible – easy to read, yet very informative about a lot of scientific based aspects of birth. (Sometimes I can get a bit lost / uninterested when there’s too much science going on, but the balance here is great).

There are some key things which I’ve learnt from this book for example “Remember that being at on your back on the bed decreases the size of your pelvis by 30 per cent”.

What I liked about this book

Yes it’s the positive approach, but this book talks you through all types of birth not just the stereotypical positive birth that is a home birth. It teaches you about all your choices surrounding all of the types of births you could possibly with have. With lots of details in between.

It’s very well written and prepares you for things not necessarily going to the plan you may have made. So it’s also very realistic.

I was particularly impressed by the section on visual birth plans, and creating your birth plan. Supported by scientific based evidence, it explains an awful lot and is very informative. Having read this chapter I know feel confident in writing my own birth plan. Where as before I felt a little confused and felt I had a lot to learn/research.

What was the most useful book you read during your pregnancy?

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