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Admittedly I spotted this as a sponsored post on Instagram, but I guess that doesn’t mean everyone will have seen it yet…

The NHS Start4Life campaign is one to support all aspects of healthy living, including eating, nutrition and exercise, during the stages of pregnancy, baby and toddler. I think it’s great to keep on top of the latest guidance in terms of things like weaning, because advice does seem to be constantly changing. At the time of writing this post, the NHS suggest starting to wean at 6 months.

Weaning or complementary feeding, as they’ve started to call it –  we quite like this. The food you give to your baby at this stage should compliment the milk, and you can introduce a range of purees and finger foods to help establish a varied diet. After all…

“Food before one is just for fun”!

On the website (here) you’ll find a brand new Weaning Guide, which I found great. Whether you’re just starting out with weaning or you’re baby is already trying a lot of different foods you’ll find great recipes to keep you inspired. Just choose an age and type of meal and you’ll be presented recipes in those suitable categories. These features make the new site accessible and easy to navigate.

I found some lovely recipes, which have inspired me with some new ideas.

There’s also lots of in-depth and up to date information about weaning – when to wean, how to do it and also information on choking etc too. As well as discussions on whether they’re ready or not, and and what to feed your baby.

It’s a great resource to get you started in the world of weaning. Take a look at our previous weaning posts here. (There’s lots of them)!


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