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Today we’ve got a new app to share with you – The Big Daddy App, which is now available on the App Store! It’s the pregancy tracker for men. We got in touch to find out more.. 

The Big Daddy App was set up by Chris (an NHS doctor) and Georgie (a children’s book editor) from London. They came up with the idea for the Big Daddy App when they were expecting our first baby – they downloaded a couple of pregnancy apps and realised there was nothing really out there for dads-to-be. There’s bags of research out there about how important it is for dads to be involved during pregnancy and beyond – it has huge benefits for the mental health and physical wellbeing of the whole family. In fact, the issue was debated in Parliament only last week and everyone agreed that we need to do more to support expectant fathers!

So Chris (with absolutely no coding experience) did an online course and learnt to code. And Georgie spent her maternity leave writing in every spare moment (once the baby learnt to sleep for more than five minutes at a time). After 18 months of hard work, the Big Daddy App is finally ready!

Our favourite features of the App are:

– fun baby-size icons, such as martini glasses and roast chickens (because fruit is boring)
– information on how to support your partner during pregnancy and labour
– lots of fun facts about pregnancy
– 40+ lighthearted and accessible articles about pregnancy, babies and fatherhood – including those dealing with postnatal depression in mums and dads
– checklists to get you ready for B-Day
– an easy-to-use contraction counter

What we thought of the Big Daddy App..

We really like The Big Daddy App, it can be quite difficult for Dad’s to relate to a lot of aspects of pregnancy, so we think it’s a great idea that there’s finally an app out there which is Dad focused. There are lots of interesting articles and resources, as well as the weekly size update of the baby, as you can see above.

The Big Daddy App has a chatty and fun vibe to it, making everything seem more relatable. You can personalise it, so that the Mother’s name appears in the descriptions, which again, we think really helps fathers relate.

Its a great tool to get Dad’s on board and fully informed when it comes to all aspects of pregnancy. We’d totally recommend it to expectant parents.

The Big Daddy app is on InstagramFacebook and Twitter  and well worth following for some fun facts like this:

Pop over to their website or the App Store to find out more.

Until next time,

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