Discussion | Black & White for Babies

Why black & white?

We don’t just have a sudden monochrome obsession.. promise! There’s lots of scientific reasons behind providing black & white stimulation to babies.

Babies can see the high contrast of black and white images a lot easier, as black and white appears less blurry until their eyesight has matured. It is thought that this happens around 3-6 months, when babies start to see in colour.

Here are some of our favourite black and white products out there:

Wee Gallery 

We stumbled across Wee Gallery’s beautiful products via instagram (it was their beautiful range of black & white baby items that inspired me to write this post). You can find them here via Trouva. For example – The Wee Gallery Bear Rattle and their Animal Cards. 

Wee Gallery also sell these beautiful soft books – find it here, via Kidly. These products are perfect for tummy time, or alternatively in the pram.

Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 22.28.57

Etta Loves 

These beautiful black and white sensory muslin squares, came very highly recommended on our recent post of Favourite Baby Products. We just love them – you can lay your baby on them for tummy time, drape them near your baby for something to look at (ie. in the car) and of course use them as swaddles and muslins too.

“All our products are uniquely designed with love and science. The scales, patterns and colours will support your baby’s cognitive and visual development, in turn giving you a moment of calm to have a hot cup of tea or lingering shower. Sensory stimulation for tiny eyes”. (This information can be found here).


Black & White books

There are a whole host of black and white baby books out there, which are aimed at young babies. There’s no such thing as too early with showing your baby books. They will focus on the images at an impressively young ages.

  • Black & White, by Jane Fosters find it here.
  • Black and White: Amazing Baby – by Emma Dodd. Find it here.
  • Black & White Board Book, by Tana Hoban, find it here.

Black and White playmat 

This ‘Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Double Sided 3-in-1 Triangle Play and Pat Activity Mat’ is another great product. We found it on here. It’s an extremely versatile product, which we could see babies getting a lot of use out of.

Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 22.33.20

Black and white or high contrast items can really help to improve your babies vision. But it doesn’t all have to cost a fortune. We found lots of printable resources online – just search ‘printable black and white for babies‘ and you’ll be directed straight to lots of interesting black and white images. Hold them around 20-25 cms away from your baby so they can learn to focus on the images. You can also lay your baby down for tummy time with the printables around them. You may wish to laminate the print outs, or put them into plastic wallets incase of any drool!

Further reading: We found this article on Infant Vision, very interesting.

What are your favourite black and white baby products?

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 21.21.15

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