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When buying products for your baby they tend to fall into the following categories of essential, helpful and nice to have. Sometimes you come across a product that you just don’t know which category it quite falls into until you buy it and use it which can sometimes lead to expensive mistakes when you realise the thing you bought isn’t making your life any easier or on the other hand makes you not buy a product that actually could have made life that much easier.

The Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine is one of those products that if you’ve never used it before you could feel is a little too pricey to justify it being an essential item on your list, it costs between £60-£130.

HOWEVER when we asked mums to help us with last weeks post on their favourite baby products, this machine was mentioned by almost all mums who where bottle feeding. We have used it ourselves in our jobs and can confirm that it really is helpful especially for those middle of the night feeds where waiting for a bottle to get to the right temperature just isn’t in anyones best interest.

One of our mums said “A bottle made at the perfect temp within a few seconds allowing everyone happier feeds and more sleep.”

Another said “we have two, one in our bedroom and one down stairs. Our house is 3 floors, we’re not that lazy!”



To use the machine you place your bottle under the water dispenser and set the dial to the correct amount that you need and press the centre button. The machine releases a shot of hot water, you then add the correct amount of formula, pop the lid on and shake the bottle, take the lid off again and then replace the bottle under the water dispenser and press the centre button again and it will dispense the correct amount of cool water. Shake your bottle again, check the temperature of the feed and hey presto the bottle is the perfect temperature to give to your baby immediately.

When I first came across the machine I was a little dubious as you just fill the machine with tap water and apart from the ‘hot shot’ of water that you add the formula too, the cool water it then adds to top up the feed to make it the correct volume and temperature isn’t cool boiled. So I did a little investigating and found that the filter in the machine is not like a normal water filter you find. The Tommee Tippee filter includes an anti-bacterial filtration membrane which removes any bacteria in the tap water which is what boiling the water also does. The filter lasts three months but the machine has a handy light which comes on to tell you the filter needs changing soon and will flash when the filter needs changing straightaway.

It may not make it into your essential list but we bet it will be top of your helpful list!!

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 21.21.15


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