Top Tips | Favourite Baby Products

Today we’ve got an interesting post for you – we asked our Mummy friends (some of whom are also nannies), what their must have baby products/gadgets are… Here’s what they had to say…

We’ve included links to help you search for the products, but would recommend shopping around and considering buying second hand. Please note they are not affiliate links, we are purely sharing other parents suggestions with you in this post.

  • For mums who are planning on breastfeeding – Bshirts offer a wide variety of easy to feed in clothing.
  • We also had lots of recommendations of the Etta Loves muslins – “I received one of these as a gift when my daughter was 7 days old. The fabric is super soft and the black and white pattern divine. It was so versatile- one moment it was a feeding cover, the next a Muslin to help rock her to look at, a car toy when I would drape it over the back sleep so she would have something to look at… I could go on and on”.

tuppence and crumble star wrap

  •  Kerikit bags – “I had the rucksack before I was pregnant as it’s great for a laptop and work bits with all the sections but has the baby kit too. High quality bag that looks lovely but is also super practical“.
  • Swaddle Pods“are zip up swaddles which help babies sleep as they are cosy & they don’t then wake themselves up with the startle reflex. I’ve used them both on children and it’s helped both of them sleep through the night”.

What are you favourite products for babies ?

If you enjoyed this post be sure to read “I wish I’d known that” blogpost, which was also created with help from lovely mummy friends.

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