The Best Podcasts To Entertain Your Children In the Car

As anyone who’s ever sat in the driver’s seat only to have a tiny shoe whiz past their ear knows, keeping children calm in the car is not only one of the most painful parts of parenting, it is also essential for safety.

Particularly with siblings (but with solo runs too) it can be unbearable trying to concentrate on driving while also struggling to appease the small back seat drivers and their frequent DJ requests. And rummaging around for the right CD or track can be dangerous.

One way to alleviate this is with engaging podcasts. The Zebra has put together some of the best examples of podcasts for kids that will keep them entertained and connect with them on different levels.

Genres include storytelling pieces like Story Pirates. This podcast features celebrity voices like Conan O’Brien reading kids exciting tales. There are also non-fiction audio podcasts that explain age-appropriate concepts and will even answer all those animal questions that you can’t look up on your phone while driving.

See below for more great podcast ideas for road trips, or just when on the school run. 

Music and Literature Lovers

  • Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child: Jam out to rock-and-roll for kids of all ages (and parents who are sick of listening to the same kids’ tunes over and over again).
  • Classical Classroom: For Beethoven and Tchaikovsky fans among us, musician Dacia Clay shares engaging lessons about classical music.
  • Ear Snacks: Award-winning musicians Andrew and Polly sing silly songs and chat about fun topics like animals and music!
  • Book Club for Kids: Perfect for any little literature lover, young readers chat about their favourite reads and interview authors.

Curious Minds

  • Stuff You Should Know:Why do we get itchy? This podcast has an answer for pretty much everything. Some episodes may not be appropriate for young children.
  • Tumble: Learn from actual scientists who talk about their research and discoveries.
  • The Past and the Curious: These fun— and true — stories from history each have inspiring lessons about achievement, diversity and what it means to be human.
  • But Why: Led by kids, this podcast tackles topics of all kinds for inquiring minds.
  • Wow in the World: Get the latest science news, from deep space to our own brains, with this awesome podcast. It’s great for teens and adults too!
  • Brains On!: This award-winning show encourages natural curiosity using science.

Imaginative Fun

  • Saturday Morning Theatre: Cowboys and superheroes and mysteries galore! Tune in to these imaginative adventures that are fun for the whole family.
  • Circle Round: Enjoy the many cultures of the world with this podcast that explores international folk stories with great lessons.
  • This Podcast Has Fleas: In the classic rivalry of cats versus dogs, who will come out on top in the daily comedic drama of Jones the cat and Waffles the dog?
  • What If World: For the kiddos with never-ending questions, this podcast may actually have the answers. Call the show to ask your own questions too!
  • Story Pirates: Celebrities act out original stories written by kids. This show has become a budding comedian’s platform for bigger shows likeSaturday Night Live!
  • Little Stories for Tiny People: These short and whimsical stories are sure to please.

Lessons in Relaxation and Patience

  • Peace Out: Perfect for kids who need some serious relaxation, this podcast is a great calming activity for any situation.
  • The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast: With a focus on faith, the characters in this podcast are sure to entertain!
  • Sesame Street Podcast: Everyone’s favourite Muppets get into their usual mischief while teaching lessons about patience and friendship.

Growth and Empowerment

  • Kids Like You and Me: This inclusivity-focused podcast gently guides kids through topics like bullying, acceptance, disabilities, and kindness.
  • The History Chicks: Cultivate independence and determination with these biographies of amazing women in history.
  • Five Minutes with Dad: Hosted by a father and his two children, this podcast focuses on simple lessons like courage and generosity with a good dose of dad humour.
  • Dream Big: Eva, a 4th-grader, interviews celebrities and inspires kids — and adults — to follow their dreams and passions.  

Adventurous and Exciting

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