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We bet most of you reading this have had to change a baby in a less than ideal space when out and about. Well this could all change thanks to the Babychange app. Since downloading this app we have avoided many cramped toilet top changes, phew!

If you need to find a baby change room in a hurry, the NCT have made life just that little bit easier with an updated version of their award-winning Babychange App, sponsored by Sudocrem Care & Protect.

This parent-friendly and free app helps parents take the stress out of finding somewhere to change a baby by showing them the way to baby changing facilities nearby. Parents can add new facilities they find and rate them on cleanliness, too.

With a fresh new look and improved accuracy, parents can be confident that Babychange will point them in the right direction. Fast.

The app covers the whole of the United Kingdom and you can add new places yourself if you stumble upon a nappy changing wonderland that no one else has added and you can also rate the cleanliness of each place on the app.

You can download from the App Store or Google Play.

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 21.21.15

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