Books | Baby 101

We know it is so important to read to babies. They love to listen to our voice changing tone, pitch and volume. Little Tiger Press have kindly sent us some new baby books to have a look at and read with our youngest charges. It’s been really nice to change up their book selection and read to them about the different subjects. They are being published on January 10th, so keep a look out in your local bookshop or amazon for them. 

 Zoology for Babies 

Learn about all different types of animals, their homes and their habitats. We loved the illustrations in this book and it was easy to expand on what was written on each page and keep the little one engaged in the book. 

Architecture For Babies

This book features famous sites including The Pyramids, The Colosseum and the Taj Mahal. Again the charming illustrations add to the simple text and bite-sized facts. 

These books are from the series Baby 101 which also include Botany and Anatomy, with Economics and Engineering being published in July 2019. They are aimed at 0-3year olds and you can find them here from January 10th.

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