Discussion |The Nanny / Parent Relationship featuring 14fiftyseven

Today’s discussion is talking about the two-way relationships that we need to foster during the process of finding a nanny role, and with the family that we choose to work with.

We’ve been talking to Susie from 14fiftyseven, which is an agency we’d thoroughly recommend using. 14fiftyseven aspires to create roles for families that really work – they place nannies and also lifestyle managers, some of whom have childcare responsibilities. 

So, we wanted to look at what sets 14fiftyseven apart.

Susie commented that she was surprised that some clients come to them simply with the request, ‘Find me a nanny’. But she and her team need to know an awful lot more in order to make sure the partnership will work. This means that the process of hiring will take a little more time and the parents as prospective employers will need to think about things which perhaps they haven’t even considered. For example, the role itself: is it all child related? Is the family actually looking for a nanny or would an au pair/mother’s help/housekeeper suit their needs better? Will it be nursery duties only? Will the nanny do school drop offs? Will he or she be expected to drive within the role? Would the nanny be expected to assist with homework? Are there pets that the nanny would ideally look after, too? What is the working environment like? Is it a huge house? Or a more manageable property? Will the nanny only be expected to keep the children’s rooms tidy, or other rooms in the house? We could go on.

Susie says it’s best that a family has at least thought about these points. If they haven’t hired a nanny before perhaps these are things they wouldn’t have even thought about. But Susie and her team are there to guide you. They’ll make sure that you’ve thought about these things, before they just go ahead and find you a nanny. Susie and her team’s job is about matchmaking – and making sure everyone is clear about expectations from the start.

All of these things are vitally important. They will lead to a much more transparent relationship between the nanny and the family. If these points have been discussed and thought over at the interview stage or before, there will be fewer surprises. It’s key that both the nanny and employers are on the same page – that their expectations match up.

It seems that 14fiftyseven takes the utmost care in getting to know their nanny candidates as well as their clients (employers), which we believe is thoroughly important. I have heard of situations involving some agencies where nannies have been asked to interview with a family knowing full well the nanny isn’t going to accept the role. Because it’s just not what she is looking for. That is, to put it bluntly, a waste of everyone’s time. It’s better that the agency takes the time to know their candidates and only put them forward for roles which truly match the needs of both the family and the prospective nanny. 

So, what does a nanny really look for or need within a role?

For me, a down to earth, appreciative family is what I would look for; a little thank you at the end of a working day goes a long long way! I’ve been extremely lucky in my nanny jobs (and one lasted 7.5 years). Being happy in your job is so important. Trust and respect are also key aspects; when parents are leaving their most important ‘belongings’ with somebody, that person needs to be trusted 100%. The family also needs to be able to respect the nanny’s decisions, and take on board advice the nanny may offer. It’s a two-way relationship and this really is necessary for it to go well.

Some may look for money, perks and additional benefits to the job. For example, extra paid holiday, gym membership, and use of a car at weekends. All these things are discussed with 14fiftyseven. 

Employers must also remember that now pensions for nannies are a legal responsibly of the employers and not a perk. The benefit of using an agency is that they can advise on all the legal requirements of hiring staff, taking the worry away from the parent who may not have employed anyone before and making sure everything is above board.

Whatever you’re looking for in a nanny – or, as a nanny, whatever you’re looking for in a family to work with, it’s worth considering an agency like 14fiftyseven, who can be the impartial assistant to both parties.

If you’re looking for a new nanny in the new year, or a nanny looking for a new family, the team at 14fiftyseven are ready to help. Find out more – https://14fiftyseven.com.


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