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We were recently emailed by Weekend Box Club and after having a look at what they offer we wanted to share their products with you too. Their boxes are aimed at 3-8year olds.

As a parent there are always many demands on your time and it can sometimes be hard to find time to source really exciting, high-quality activities to do with your little ones. Andy started Weekend Box with the aim of solving that problem by helping you along your incredible journey and the experience of bringing up your children by providing you with the things you need when you need them.

Their focus is to source the highest-quality products from the best, independent suppliers across the UK. They assess each of their suppliers to ensure that their values match their own high standards.

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The boxes are fun, educational, stimulating, keep children away from the TV, devices and computer games and bring families together to spend top quality time together. It’s not a box you give to the kids and let them get on with – you join in! Make, bake, create, explore and more! They’re personalised for the child, so a surprise comes through the door with their name on either once a month or fortnightly.

For the parents, they know that the boring bit is done – you just get the activities out and start having fun. They’ve done the research, created step-by-step ‘how to’ cards, popped all the bits in the box and send it to you. No shopping, no disappointment, no hunting for stuff and no waste as they send the right amount of what you’ll need.

In each box you’ll find the instructions as well as all the materials that you need for your activities.

They have a new theme every fortnight with something to make, bake, explore and more, as well as:

  • Collectible stickers for your loyalty chart
  • Colouring activity to start off the Weekend
  • Comic strip to complete, helping fire your little ones imagination
  • Completion Certificate for your child to display proudly

Boxes cost £5.95 for Mini Boxes (2-activity boxes) or £8.95 for Bumper Boxes (4-activity boxes). You can subscribe and receive either fortnightly or monthly boxes or just buy one off boxes. Find their website here.

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