Activities | Icing Sugar Paint

Adding icing sugar to water paints keeps the colour vibrant, bright and shiny when it drys and creates very pretty pictures. This is a really cool activity to do with children young and old and a great one to do at the same time as salt painting.


What you’ll need

Paint brushes
Water paints
Icing sugar – 1tbsp per colour
Warm water – 1 12tbsp per colour

Method 1
Mix the water and icing sugar together and paint over the paper so it is covered in the mixture. Then clean your paintbrush and dip into some water and then your water colours and flick each colour onto the page. You’ll notice the paint starts spreading as soon as it hits the paper with the sugar mixture.  Repeat with all the colours you wish to use.

Method 2
Mix the water and icing sugar together. Then blend with one colour of water paint. Using the brushes paint or splat onto the paper.
When dry the paint stays shiny and the bright, strong colours remain.

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 21.21.15

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