Discussion | Sustainability in the Family Home.

I recently read a blogpost written by the Great Little Trading Company who are introducing a new campaign called Buy Wood, Buy Once. You can read the article here.

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Less Plastic

Now the bit that got me thinking was “And in these eco-sensitive days isn’t it comforting to know that wooden toys are biodegradable at the end of their play life, unlike their battery-powered, plastic counterparts, which will plague the planet well into the next century’. Buy Wood, Buy Once.

I hadn’t really thought about the piles of plastic toys that get chucked away, the fact the can’t be recycled, the amount of batteries we’re using to power them and then they break anyway.

  • Buying wooden toys is an investment – they do last longer than plastic toys and can be passed down to younger children. Whereas plastic toys to tend to break quite easily.
  • Buy fruit and veg that doesn’t come in plastic. Also buying food items from health food shops / loose food shops and taking your own containers will help to reduce the amount of plastic within your home.
  • Buy less plastic in terms of bottles etc. We tend to carry around drinks bottles for our children, but what about ourselves? We’ve found it’s also worth investing in a decent bottle to carry our own water around in. Rather than keep buying bottles.
  • We’d also recommend Nana’s Manners cutlery which is very strong in comparision to some of the cheap plastic cutlery you can buy – it will last so much longer than plastic. Find out more here.
  • You can also get beautiful bamboo tableware for children. We’ve found bowls, cups and plates from Bamboo Bamboo (here) and Bobo and Boo (here).

So what else can we do?!

Encourage recycling 

  • Encourage the children in your care to recycle. Show them what you’re doing, and explain why it’s important for the planet.
  • Don’t throw toys out unnecessarily – donate them to a charity instead. As they say “one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure”. Encourage your children to become a part of this process, and teach them that they don’t need all the latest toys, gadgets & gizmos. Explain that some children are far less fortunate which is why it’s so lovely to donate toys & books to others.

Eco Friendly Baby/family Products 

Below we’ve featured our top eco friendly products, there are however so many more items out there. But as with the GLTC’s campaign (Buy Wood, Buy Once), we think it’s worth investing in items which will last longer.

  • Eco cotton pads – I have recently bought these Zero Waste Hemp Cotton Facial Rounds from La Pepa Boutique – here.
  • Bamboo toothbrushes – Jack & Jill, find out more here. You can purchase them from Holland & Barrett.
  • Reusable nappies – get a great idea of the different types of reusable nappies from The Nappy Lady, here.
  • Cheeky wipes – We’ve heard cheeky wipes are SO much better than normal wet wipes. Much much better for the environment too. Find out more here.

What are your top tips for thinking about sustainability and recycling within your family  home? What kind of eco-products do you use ?

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