Activities | Make Your Own Shadow Puppets


Shadow puppetry, is an ancient form of storytelling and entertainment which uses flat cut-out figures (shadow puppets) which are held between a source of light and a translucent screen or wall. Various effects can be achieved by moving both the puppets and the light source. A talented puppeteer can make the figures appear to walk, dance, fight, nod and laugh but even young children can make the images appear on a wall and tell a story using their very own shadow puppets.

What you’ll need
Popsicle sticks

Draw out the characters and props you need after deciding on the theme of your story. Remember things like animals, trees, a magic wand, houses etc are helpful for extending the story.

Not much detail is needed on the puppets, just simple outlines with a few main details are best. Draw the outlines on the card, cutout and stick using glue or tape to the popsicle sticks.

Close the curtains and make sure the room is dark. Turn on the torch and shine towards a clear wall. Then you can begin your story telling. Remember to move the puppets between the light and the wall to make the shadows different sizes.

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 21.21.15


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