Top Tips | Fuss Free Halloween Costumes


Pippi Longstocking 

Clothes: Dress with a t-shirt underneath and mismatched long socks.

Hair: Tie hair into two plaits on either side of the head. If you have any wire or a dark long pipe cleaners plait them through the hair at the same time and bend to  make the plaits rise at the ends.

Face: Using either face paint or brown eye liner draw three freckles onto each cheek in a triangle.

Fern Arable – The little girl in Charlottes Web

Clothes: Short sleeved dress with peter pan collar if possible. Attach a plastic black spider to the dress on the shoulder. Carry a pig soft toy.

Hair: Ponytail

Angelina Ballerina 

Clothes: pink Leotard, tights and tutu. (The bigger the tutu the better)

Hair: Up in a bun with a ribbon tied at the top of the head and a pair of pink mouse ears.

Mad Scientist 

Clothes: White doctors coat ( can just wear normal clothes underneath) Yellow washing up gloves and protective goggles.

Hair: Back combed and sprayed white or covered in talcum power.

The Man with the Yellow Hat (Curious George’s best friend)

Clothes: Yellow shirt and trousers (could dye white ones if hard to find) & a yellow wide brimmed hat. Carry a monkey soft toy.


Clothes: Black long sleeve t-shirt, white short sleeved t-shirt and black leggings. Use hot glue gun or craft glue to attach cotton wool balls to the white t-shirt. When dry place white t-shirt over the long sleeved black t-shirt.

Hair: White beanie hat.


Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 21.21.15

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