Books |As We Grow & Happy

As We Grow


As We Grow written by Libby Walden and illustrated by Richard Jones is a charming and enchanting picture book for 3-6 year olds. It charts life’s journey from a newborn to a wrinkled and wise adult. A gentle book which encourages children to ask/talk about the process of change.
Due to the fact that the subject of ‘growing up’ is now included in the school curriculum this book can be used to support learning and encourage discussions.

“No one knows what lies ahead,
or who they’ll grow to be,
It’s all a part of growing up –
the journey of being me”

You can buy As We Grow here.

Happy A Children’s Book Of Mindfulness


Happy written by Katie Hickey and illustrated by Nicola Edwards is a wonderful uplifting story book that encourages an awareness of mindfulness. An inspiring and empowering book that explores a variety of emotions and the journey to happiness. The illustrations are beautiful and each page contains a gentle prompt for practising mindfulness.

“Even the darkest storm passes,
The sun can’t shine bright every day,
We can sit with our feelings and notice
How they roll through us
then blow away.”

You can buy Happy here.

We were kindly gifted these books by Little Tiger Press. However all opinions are our own and we only share things we truly love.

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