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Today’s post is a great collection of the Messy Play classes we’ve found across London. There’s actually quite a few more than we first thought, so we hope this post is useful for you.

Little Learners London

Locations: Based in Bromley (West Wickham), and North & North West London (Kensal Rise). There are also franchises nationwide!

About: Suitable for ages 5 months to 5 years. Little Learners is a unique and fun approach to early writing for babies to pre-schoolers devised by a qualified teacher. We will help your child recognise and make marks and begin to form letters, numbers, shapes and patterns. We learn through play whilst strengthening core muscles and developing gross & fine motor skills.

What we like the sound of.. Little Learners has a large emphasis on learning, and mark making through having fun in a messy kind of way. They write a great blog as well. You book parties and event through Little Learners too.

Find out more here.


Mess Around UK

Locations: Kew Gardens, Richmond. As well as many other locations nationwide.

About: You won’t find monotonous, weekly sessions at Mess Around – we are all about providing children opportunities to get messy and explore exciting new sensory activities. With lots of activities to explore, including our famous painting wall, the little ones can squelch, pour, mix and get messy to their hearts content. Our parties run throughout the UK by our wonderful, dedicated franchise leaders, bringing you and your children larger-than-life unique messy fun. All you have to do is come along and MESS AROUND and leave the cleaning up to us!

What we like the sound of.. Mess around also offer subscription services of their ‘Mess Box’ as well as one off boxes, if you want to bring a little bit of mess into your home. They also offer resources on their website and parties too!

Find out more: here


Crafty Little Foxes

Locations: Chiswick, Brook Green & Fulham

About: Crafty Little Foxes is dedicated to delivering engaging, interactive & entertaining Art lessons to children aged 18m+. From painting with soap to sculpting with salt & flour there isn’t anything we won’t use to create unique works of art! At these very early stages of your child’s life we understand the importance of freedom of expression & multi sensory experiences. Not only will your child be encouraged to explore their creativity but you also have the added bonus of collecting works of Art along the way! You can treasure these keepsakes of your child’s amazing developments and achievements for years to come…

What we like the sound of.. Crafty Little Foxes sounds like the sort of class that you’ll make something each week. Perhaps less of a messy play and more of a creative class. All the same, it sounds fab!

Find out more: here



Locations: Croydon, Bromley & Lambeth

About:  For the tiniest artists we run Baby ARTventurers classes for babies aged 6 months to 18 months, and our Little ARTventurers classes are for children aged 18 months to 4 years. Some of our classes run Family ARTventurers classes for mixed ages too! 

What we like the sound of.. Another nationwide Art Class, we love that there’s also a sing & a dance in these classes too.

Find out more: here


Messy Mice & Messy Monsters! by Mini Discoveries 

Locations: Bromley

About:  Mini Discoveries is a brand new sensory and messy play adventure for children ages 6 months to 5 years. We thrive on helping you and your little ones experience the wonderful world of messy play without the clear up afterwardsAt Mini Discoveries, we believe that messy play is a major factor in the promotion and development of a child’s creative abilities as well as extending their awareness of the world around them. 

Such activities can tempt children to explore and experiment with different materials in ways that increase their curiosity.

What we like the sound of.. Messy Mice & Monsters runs fortnightly on Saturdays. The perfect way to start your weekend.

Find out more: here

Sensory Land

Locations: Stretham and Clapham 

About:  These themed 40 minute activity classes are filled with songs, visual stories, props, puppets, sensory and messy play. They are lots of fun for both the children and the grown ups. These are designed for older babies (actively sitting babies roughly 6 months) up until pre-school aged children (3.5 Years Old).

What we like the sound of.. once again it’s more than just messy play, there’s songs & stories too – a whole sensory experience.

Find out more: here

Messy Toddlers

Locations: The Bright Emporium, Clapham

About:  There are 2 sessions of  Messy Toddlers 1-3 / 3-5. ‘Make a mess at our place not yours!’ Our first and most popular workshop now comes in two sessions – one younger, one older, we are not that strict on age so if a time works for you go for it,  just bear in mind one session is for the younger audience and one session is more advanced. BUT all the children will be working with paint, glue, scissors and special bits and bobs to which will enhance your little ones creations, and will all go home with something for the kitchen wall or a Grandparent!

What we like the sound of.. Another Saturday Morning session, the Bright Emporium is a wonderful space for children – there’s more to investigate whilst your there.

Find out more: here

That’s all for today guys, we hope you’ve found this post useful when looking for the Messy play / sensory classes on offer in London.

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