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With all the worrying statistics and talk on how much plastic we use and dispose of in the world we thought we’d share today the benefits of wooden toys and why the next time you are looking for a gift for a child you might want to consider buying wooden.

The Benefits of Wooden Toys

Encourage Interaction

A lot of plastic toys come with batteries and talk or sing. This encourages solo play in children, whereas with wooden toys when children use their imaginations and practice real-life scenarios, they often like to bring others in on their play, instead of receiving this interaction from the toy itself. 

Are Durable

Wooden toys are likely to last a lot longer than plastic toys, they are strong and durable and will withstand energetic play and everyday use.

Grow with Your Child

Because wooden toys are more versatile than plastic ones. A young child may use them in simple play, but as a child grows so does their imagination, physical and mental skills and hand eye coordination. This allows them to use wooden toys in a way that is suitable to their age and stage as their play grows in complexity. A lot of plastic toys have age ranges on their boxes, but wooden toys do not need this age range.

Are Aesthetically Pleasing

Wooden toys are beautiful. They will fit into any home without looking loud and obtrusive.

Less Distracting

Play should come from a child, they should initiate it, adapt it when they wish and be free to work through scenarios.
Noisy plastic toys can often inhibit a child’s ability to think for themselves in the moment. They limit where the play can go as they are often made for a specific type of play.

Are Tactile

Wooden toys are heavier than plastic ones and let a child feel what they are doing and the movements they are making. This helps develop their fine motor skills by strengthening their hand and finger muscles as they play. Wooden toys have different textures rather than the constant smoothness of plastic.

Are Safe and Kinder to the Environment

Wooden toys generally are made from natural materials and are non toxic and chemical free. They are stronger than plastic toys and less likely to break and have sharp edges or loose small parts.

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