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Traveling with children can be a little more challenging. With more luggage and more opportunities for meltdowns. However we have found the products below really helpful at making traveling with children much easier.


The Cozigo goes over all buggies and plane bassinets. It is 100% breathable and air permeable and they block 97% of light. The Cozigo also provide sun protection as they are 50+ UPV.
Easy to use and it folds down into a small bag and weighs only 600g.
It can be hard to get babies to settle on long haul flights due to the lights not being turned down until hours into a night flight or not at all during day flights so we’ve found the Cozigo invaluable in helping babies to get to sleep and stay asleep on flights. It’s also been extremely handy in this hot weather attached to the buggy as you can open one or both sides of the Cozigo so when your baby is awake and they can see the world going by but still be protected from the sun shining down and when its time for a nap you just zip the sides up to make it nice and dark for them, it also gives plenty of room for them to kick their legs around and doesn’t make them feel enclosed.


The BedBox extends your child’s airplane seat so they can lie down or just spread their legs. It also has enough room inside it to be used as your child’s carry on bag to carry those flight essentials- toys, snacks, colouring books and a change of clothes (just incase!) It also has wheels and can be used as a ride-on suitcase.
For children aged 2- 6/7.

Mifold Booster Seat

Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at 20.52.35.pngInstead of raising the child up like a normal booster seat, this compact seat moves the seat belt instead so it is at the correct positioning to keep your child safe. Not to replace your everyday car seat but for times when you can’t bring a normal car seat with you. For example taxi rides, journeys in friends car, on holiday etc. For 4-12 years old, this booster seat weighs less than a bottle of water so isn’t going to be costing you excess luggage fees and will fit in mums handbag easily.

Munchkin Travel High Chair 

This portable highchair is so easy to attach to a chair, it has a handy storage area under the seat and is really easy to clean. It won’t take up too much room in your suitcase and doesn’t weigh too much. All the straps are adjustable.
For 1-3 year olds, really handy for travelling and even for just popping round to a friends for lunch.

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