Top Tips | Alternatives to Disposable Nappies


Each nappy can take 200-500 years to naturally degrade, so the sheer number of disposable nappies thrown away presents serious problems to the environment. This is particularly true when you consider that each baby could use more than 5,000 nappies before they are fully potty trained. The manufacture of disposable nappies itself is another significant factor in terms of environmental impact.


Eco Disposable Nappies

Eco disposable nappies are made with much less or no chemicals compared to standard disposable nappies and can take only 4 years for most of the nappy to bio-degrade. They are much more convenient than cloth nappies and are great if you decide you want to do a mixture of cloth and disposable. They are also kinder to skin than standard disposable nappies and most people find that if their child suffers with nappy rash it will disappear once they start using eco disposable nappies.
The three best eco nappies we have found are naty, kit and kin beaming babies.

Cloth Nappies


It can be super confusing trying to find out about cloth nappies online and deciding which ones are right for you, there is just so much information out there but not all of it is very clear.

We love The Nappy Lady and Go Real websites and if you’re considering going with cloth nappies their websites are a great help.

From our research online we’ve found the following information that we thought might be most useful.

What you’ll need
-15-30 cloth nappies (this number totally depends on how many washing loads you do a week)
-A few extra boosters or inserts for added absorbency
-Nappy liners (you can get biodegradable liners or washable ones)
-A wet bag (to hold the dirty nappies before washing them.
-Nappy bucket with lid
-Washable wipes

From people who we’ve spoken to it seems it is best to try out different types of cloth nappies before buying all 15-30 nappies in one type. Have a google to see if there is a nappy library near you who will do trial packs or look at places online like facebook marketplace which often have people selling good quality second hand cloth nappies. Once you’ve decided on the nappies that work best for you and your baby Babipur and The Nappy Lady sell a wide selection of different types of cloth nappies as well as all the extra equipment you’ll need.

We really enjoyed this article, 5 Questions To Ask Yourself If You’re Considering Cloth Nappies from Mamalina.


Let’s not forget about wipes. There are again multiple types to choose from.
If you like disposable ones then we like Kinder By Nature, Mum & You and Naty.
If you prefer to use washable wipes, companies including Cheeky Wipes sell cotton terry cloth, bamboo and microfibre wipes. All you do is pop them in the container with water and a few drops of essential oil. They then come with a bag to put the dirty wipes in and when you are ready you add them to your washing.

There maybe a minefield of information out there on nappies but the good news is once you’ve found the most useful websites that give you clear information, it is in fact easier than ever to not have to rely on standard disposable nappies that are clogging up our landfill sites. If you use eco friendly nappies or cloth nappies and have a favourite brand, please let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear.

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