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Today on pocketnannies we’ve got some exciting food to share with you. Little Cook Box  are the tasty meal kits that deliver. You can find out more at their website here, but we’ll give you the low down.

Fresh ingredients and inspiration for easy cooking with your children.

Little Cook Box is a subscription based service providing families with fresh meal kits to cook with their children. Philippa and Simon, started Little Cook Box because, as busy parents, they were struggling to feed their two boys healthy, delicious and nutritious food. They said “The ‘old favourites’ were getting very stale and we found ourselves opening the fridge time and again in search of inspiration that simply wasn’t there“.

So their solution was children’s meal kits specially designed for kids aged 5 to 11 years old. Delivered weekly, each of our meal kits can be cooked in 20 to 30 minutes, making it quick and easy to get a home cooked, healthy and yummy meal in children’s tummies.

All ingredients come pre-chopped, peeled and washed in one simple tray, so there’s no time wasted thinking up a recipe, going to the supermarket and preparing the ingredients.

They go onto say “We believe that the joy of mealtimes is much more than the just the eating. Spending time with your children and teaching them how to cook can be great fun, and it will equip them with the practical cooking skills that will prove invaluable in later life. By introducing them to new flavours, textures and foods, we can help our children to form better, healthier eating habits“.

We were very kindly sent a Little Cook Box to review recently. We picked 4 meal boxes! Which would cost £19.80, which is £4.95 per meal. The great thing is that the more you order the cheaper the box becomes.

We have created one meal kit to be nutritionally balanced as one meal portion for just one child..the age range we have based this on is 5-11.

We chose the Crazy Chicken Goujons Kit, Scrummy Smoked Fish Cakes Kit, Perfect Pittas Kit and the Sizzling Stir Fry Noodles Kit.

Our thoughts on Little Cook Box – 

  • We were surprised at how tasty the food was – the herbs / spices made everything so yummy.
  • We love that Little Cook Box has introduced us to New flavours and given us new ideas to try.
  • We were impressed that everything comes prepared, which means there’s little to no waste.
  • The portion sizes are generous, but we didn’t throw anything away!
  • We were also impressed that Little Cook Box have considered recycling – and caring for Our Planet. Plastic is kept to a minimum, and the trays are recyclable in most areas. The cardboard sleeve is also recylable.
  • The 4 year Old Taste tester was very happy with his new meals and loved being involved in the kitchen too.
  • As he was so impressed with the food I didn’t get too much of a look in. However what I did try was very tasty!

Words from the little man himself:

I want to eat the fish cake first because it’s delicious”.


“How did the man make all of the ingredients so yummy”?

“I love all of it”.

I think those quotes say it all!

We think Little Cook Boxes are a great way to get children involved in meal preparation, we are also of the opinion that allowing “fussy eaters” to help prepare their own meals will really help them to branch out. We’d honestly recommend these meal kits to all families, and we think they’d be a great start to the Summer Holidays.

Little Cook Box are kindly giving our pocketnannies readers £10 off their first order. Just use the code POCKETNANNIESCOOK when you place an order!

Find out more at –

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