Recipes | 5 Alternative Breakfast Ideas

Today on pocketnannies we’ve got 5 Alternative Breakfast Idea’s, some which we’ve made ourselves and some we haven’t.. yet! These colourful & tasty looking (instagram worthy) breakfasts will give you a little variation in terms of breakfasts for /with your children. As always we like to keep things as healthy as possible, for the little ones in our care.

Why not use the weekend as an excuse to make something a bit different together?

Let’s kick start with number..

1. Our very own Banana Pancakes, you can find the recipe here. It’s an easy fail-safe recipe, with only a handful of ingredients. Plus we’re pretty such almond flour will work perfectly, if you’re looking for a gluten free alternative. In fact any flour you’ve got at home. You can also use any time of milk of course – making this recipe very adaptable.

pocketnannies banana pancakes

2. ‘Lizzie Loves Healthy’ Spinach Eggy bread, you can find the recipe here.

‘Lizzie Loves Healthy’ is a great inspiration to us – her recipes are gluten and sugar free with dairy alternatives. This Spinach Eggy Bread is the perfect start to an active weekend. We enjoyed it for brunch the other weekend, with an extra side of spinach. Yum!

Check out our previous posts on Lizzie’s cookery book, here, and our Interview with Lizzie here.

spinach french toast.JPG

3. Natural yoghurt served with our No Added Sugar* Berry Jam, find the recipe here.

There’s something about a fruity start to the day, maybe it’s just my sweet tooth! Rather than giving children sugary yoghurts, you can make a sugar free jam, it’s literally fruit chia seeds and either honey, maple syrup or agave syrup. Natural sugars that will help to sweeten the yoghurt ever so slightly.

pocketnannies no sugar jam

4. ‘Healthy Little Foodies’ Porridge Fingers, find the recipe here.

I’ve only recently come across ‘Healthy Little Foodies’ a blog run by Mum, Amy. Sometimes you need something a little different to feed your children, perhaps you’re travelling and are looking for a more ‘on the go’ breakfast. Amy’s Porridge Finger recipes are perfect for this – also they cook in the microwave, which makes the whole process easy peasy. We can’t wait to try them out.

healthy little foodies, porridge fingers

5. Peach Melba Overnight Oats, find the recipe here.

As I vegetarian I love Becca’s website – Amuse your Bouche, a collection of simple vegetarian recipes. I’ve not yet tried her Peach Melba Overnight Oats, but don’t they look delicious. I think it’s great for children to try new things, and whilst they may like porridge it’s a good idea to get them enjoying breakfast in different forms.

Amuse your bouche, peach melba overnight oats

What is your favourite alternative breakfast that you serve your little ones?

Until next time.

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 21.21.15

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