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I love planning children’s birthday parties! My motto is “Go Big or Go Home” on everything from decorations, activities and food. However I really struggle to find healthier choices on the food front. So I decided to dig into the great big space that is the internet and see what I could find that was lower in sugar, used natural colourings and was less processed. Below are some of my favourite finds.

Watermelon Pizza
Aggh isn’t this amazing!
Cut your watermelon in half and cut off a disc, cover with greek yogurt and cover with fresh fruit and berries. Finish it all off with a sprinkling of edible flowers, mint and coconut shavings. SO simple! 


Fruity Magic Wands
Cut the rest of your watermelon into discs and using a star cookie cutter, cut out lots of star shapes out of the watermelon. Thread blueberries onto skewers leaving enough space for little hands at the bottom and enough space for the watermelon star at the top.

Banana Pops
Try and buy the biggest bananas you can find. Peal and chop of the rounded ends. You can either eat these or freeze them to add to smoothies. Chop the banana into two, stick a lollipop stick in one end and freeze them on baking paper in the freezer (make sure they’re not touching each other). Melt some chocolate and once frozen dip the banana pops into the chocolate half way and then cover with sprinkles. If you can get a cube of polystyrene you can stick the lollipop sticks in this or alternately just lie on baking paper. 


Caterpillar & Snail Bites
Cut celery sticks into different sizes. Mix mascarpone and honey together to taste and pop into a piping bag. In another piping bag add a nut butter of your choice. If your celery won’t stay upright on its own, use a peeler and peal off some of the back of the celery so it can lie flat. Then pipe your nut butter into half your celery and fill the other half with your mascarpone mixture. Using halved grapes and blueberries to make the caterpillars bodies and apple, orange and kiwi discs to make the snails shells. Use a cashew nut for the head (if your party goers are over 5, if not use half a grape or blueberry) and stick on some edible eyes using a little bit of your piped nut butter. These are obviously not suitable if you have any children with nut allergies. 


Apple Doughnuts
Slice your apples into discs and remove the pips. Spread fromage fraise (Yeo Valley do great ones with no added sugar) over the apples and add sprinkles, berries or even edible glitter. 


Cheese & Crackers
SO simple but also very effective and delicious. Cut cheddar cheese into small cubes and pop in an ice cream pot (love these ones from Meri Meri) add a few crackers. Giant mini cheddars and ritz crackers would be my choice. 


Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 21.21.15
Watermelon Pizza Kristalii
Fruity Magic Wands Pinterest
Banana Pops Pinterest
Caterpillar & Snail Bites Pinterest
Apple Doughnuts Pinterest
Cheese & Crackers Pinterest

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