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We are always keen to find small businesses and especially love it when we find ones that sell all our favourite children’s brands plus some new brands we haven’t heard of but are now up there amongst our top choices. Little Edit, started by Shireen and Lisa, have kindly told us how their online store came about.

So over to Shireen to share their story…

It’s been six months since my sister and I started Little edit and it’s taken me this long (as well as popping out a second little girl called Romey) to start our blog.

I guess a good start would be to share how Little Edit came about….

I was pregnant with my second baby and therefore knew I had a window of free time away from work (or as free time as you get with a newborn!) and decided to act on an idea I had been thinking about for a few years which was to start my own online children’s store. I knew from my own experience first time round that once you get through the first few shaky months and come out the other end (hopefully unscathed) you soon start a bit of an online shopping obsession (I know I certainly did) whilst they nap and found I was visiting numerous different sites looking for great baby gifting,nursery pieces and anything else I fancied on the way picking pieces from each shop which inevitably resulted in a carousel of courier men turning up at the door (much to my husbands dismay!) and so Little Edit was born as a one stop place for lovely gifting and nursery pieces with some accessories and party wear thrown in too.

When it came to picking brands I knew I had a few favourites already such as Luck Boy Sunday which I had bought previously and loved their teddy’s and pillows which are made from the softest Alpaca wool and came in lovely muted colours which fitted how I wanted my children’s rooms to look.

I also loved the kitsch Lapin and Me bunny lamps and had bought a bright yellow one for my first daughter Marlowe’s room and had always wanted to stock them as they were fun and a little cheeky but also didn’t feel like the standard children’s cutesy night light.

I also stumbled across a lovely lady called Julie De Gruchy in a gorgeous little gift shop called Cherry Press in Chipping Camden whilst having a little anniversary jaunt away which had the most amazing letterpress studio in the back (if anyone is looking for beautiful invitations then check them out) and found the most adorable felt unicorn cushions in there which were all adorned with the cutest tutus and snapped one up for Marlowe with the intention of trying to get some for Little Edit.

Once we had decided on which brands we would launch with we tackled having the site made which involved a photo shoot at my house and a reluctant Marlowe who had won the job of our first model (free labour with some bribing!)

Thankfully my brothers girlfriend is a photographer Radka Dolinska so she kindly helped us out for the day which involved countless furniture moves ( whilst 8 months pregnant!) and a very large giraffe to manoeuvre around the bedroom, we thankfully managed to pull it off and really felt like the whole thing was actually starting to feel very real and that things were all starting to come together, a month later and a new baby girl in the mix and Little Edit was live!

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Thank you for sharing your story Shireen. You can find the Little Edit store here.
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