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Earlier this week we shared the Kids Sleep Doctor App, (which you can read here), and whilst we’re on the topic of sleep we thought we’d share this book with you.

The Baby Sleep Guide, Practical Advice to Establish Good Sleep Habits is written by Stephanie Modell. Stephanie Modell is a sleep consultant and maternity nanny based in West Sussex. She qualified as a nursery nurse in 1984 and has over 20 years’ experience of working with babies and children, as a nanny, maternity nurse and sleep consultant.

We wanted to highlight this book to you our readers because of the gentle encouraging approach Stephanie takes to help establish good sleeping habits. We feel there is SO much pressure on new parents these days, conforming to a super strict routine is just one more thing that parents may find stressful. Sleep deprivation is no good to anyone; infact it can have detrimental effects to a new family – and this is why we love the approach that Stephanie takes in her book.

The Baby Sleep Guide focuses on babies from birth to 1 year, and establishing good habits from the very beginning, this is because it’s very difficult for babies to “unlearn” certain habits.

Some of the key points from the first chapter ‘The Basics” “It is normal for babies to wake regularly during the night, this is natures way of keeping us safe”. For me this was such a key point, why are we, as a nation, so fixated on babies sleeping “through the night”. Stephanie then goes onto explain some scenarios to show “the importance of making your baby feel safe and secure”. 

We really do feel sometimes you need to take a step back and look at the situation in a different light – which of course is very difficult to do when you’re desperately in need of sleep. But I really do believe this book can give you all the background knowledge behind sleep, which will help you to understand how best to aid your baby and his/her sleep.

“A newborn baby does not know the difference between night and day”

Here at pocketnannies we’ve always said “good sleep fuels good sleep, and this is emphasised in Stephanie section on naps – “Naps are a good teaching time and sleep encourages sleep”. 

The baby sleep guide, stephanie modell

We’d recommend this book to any expectant parents, it’s a simple and straightforward sleep guide. It’s easy to read, logical and explains the science behind sleep, which will give a much better understanding of what’s going on in your baby’s sleep cycles etc. Could this be your new favourite sleep guide?

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