People & Products | Lego Phonics Books

If you have a Lego, super hero, loving child who is at the stage of learning to read, these books may just be the source of encouragement and enthusiasm you need.

Lego, paired with Scholastic, have a fantastic range of phonics books which can act as an aid to help young children learn early sounds.

Books can come in packs and each book is numbered to help you work through the books together with your child in the best phonic order to maximise the amount of learning and to help children piece together sounds, followed by simple words and eventually sentences. Books that enable all of this are included in the packs as well as workbooks to finish off each pack stage.

Whilst these books shouldn’t be the only source you use to help your child learn to read, it has certainly has it’s benefits to either continue enthusiasm of a child who loves letters, sounds and learning or for a child who loves everything about Lego but needs a gentle nudge towards taking an interest in sounds then this could be just the resource you need. We’ve found them to be brilliant!

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 21.21.15

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