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Theres an app for that! The Kids Sleep Doctor App is definitely one of the better ones out there. A well designed and useful app that helps you log, review and provides helpful non patronising advice on your child’s sleep.


“Designed to help parents understand and improve the sleeping and waking patterns of their children, from newborn right through to teenagers.

Kids Sleep Doctor allows you to easily track your child’s sleep and wake patterns, compare them with other children of a similar age, and then share this information with anyone you choose. Completing the diary is simple – just use your finger to ‘paint’ the times. The app’s specific light levels and specific colours ensure parents will still be able to fall back to sleep after entering events.

But Kids Sleep Doctor is more than just a sleep diary. By entering your child’s age you will receive specific sleeping tips, and information on how your child’s sleep duration compares to others the same age. If you also complete the bedtime routine profile you will receive useful bedtime routine advice tailored especially for your child. The advice is distilled from the best research, clinical experience, and feedback from the hundreds of parents who pass through the Evelina London Children’s Sleep Medicine Department every year.”

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