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Are you looking for a new book or activity to help promote language, in particular teaching children the names of animals? Then we’ve got the perfect book for you…

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My first Search & Find ‘Wild Animals’ is a book that provides a great excuse to sit down with your child and learn some new animals – an activity in itself – not just a picture book. We found you could count creatures, spot the ones given at the bottom but also loads and loads more with brightly coloured pages and amazing illustrations by Neiko Ng, there’s so much to see. There are lots of learning opportunities to be had.

There are seven different habitat scenes in this large board book – you’ll find jungle, safari, sea, mountain, forest, desert, snow and ice. You’ll find lots of interesting creatures including; giraffes, zebras, monkeys and meerkats – which are just some of our favourites. There are so many talking points within this book – the best way to tackle this is to ask open ended questions.

Things to do whilst looking at this sort of book:

  • spotting the different animals – “how many monkeys can you find”?
  • talking about the animals – what they are, how they get around (ie. slithering like a snake, swinging like a sloth, running like a cheetah, perhaps you could also act these out). “which animal can you find on this page that swings through trees?” and “can you show me how he does that?”
  • counting how many of each creature you can see – there are also lots of different bugs and mini beasts to spot in the jungle, for example. “how many parrots can you spot on this page?”
  • talking about the habitat – the good thing about this book is it’s emphasis on wild animals, you may find these creatures in the zoo, but theres a lot for children to learn about where different animals live, and how habitats vary. For example, water/land – what type of water or land, as well as whether that place is hot or cold etc. etc. “where does the polar bear live?… do you think it is hot or cold there?”
  • talking about what else you can see on the pages. “what else can you find?… Are there any people here? … or vehicles “

In our house it’s a very well loved book – by both the 2 year old and the 5 year old.. it’s recommended for children aged 2-5 years! So that’s why the eldest still loves it. It’s a very engaging book.

We would throughly recommend this book for any budding animal enthusiasts. There are also other books available in this range including ‘Things that Go’, ‘Dinosaur Land’ and ‘Space’ and ‘Sea Creatures’. Find them here.  A very good present idea for a 3 year old who is intrigued about the world around him / her.

What are your favourite ways of helping to encourage children’s language development?

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