Out & About | New Mums – Things to do with your Newborn

When you’re at home with a little baby the days may seem long and daunting. So we’ve come up with a list of our favourite things to do with a tiny bubba.

Mum and Baby yoga 

Some gentle stretching will help new mums in a whole range of ways, so why not look into Postnatal Yoga classes – here are some – we’ve popped in the links NCT Yoga , nationwide, Triyoga based in London,  and YogaBellies which is nationwide.

You can read our blogpost by yoga teacher Madeleine here. Which discusses taking up yoga as a new mum, and the benefits yoga has to new mothers.

A trip to the Cinema 

Heading out for a cinema date maybe the last thing on your mind when you’ve just had a baby, but actually.. it’s rather a good idea. The volume is quieter than your average screening, and theres a little bit more light, in case you need to see what you’re doing. We think a trip to the cinema is probably just what some new parents need – a little me time or relaxation, perhaps you could persuade Daddy to come along too.

Odeon call it Newbwies, Cineworld call it Cinebabies, and your local independent cinema may call it something else entirely… These bring your baby showings are perfect for parents with babies, and it doesn’t matter if your little one cries because the cinema is only open for parents with babies. Well worth a quick search to find out what’s on.

Takes a Village

We spotted ‘Takes a Village’ in East Dulwich, it’s a supportive space for new parents. There are other supportive groups out there, but Takes a Village looks wonderful. They offer a sling library, yoga sessions, as well as a chance to meet Mums and babies in the area.

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 18.33.19

Baby massage

Baby massage is a  great opportunity for extra bonding with your baby, the benefit of attending classes is that you’ll be able to practice what you learn at home, baby massage will help your baby in all sorts of ways, but who doesn’t want a relaxed baby? If you’re in London you can find your nearest baby massage class here or read more about baby massage in our previous post here.

Classical Music concerts

There are quite a few different companies, in London but also further afield that hold classical concerts for parents/carers and babies/children – we all know that classical music is wonderful for children to be exposed to, but how often do you get to head out to a concert. Find a concert near you with companies such as Bach to baby or Mini Mozart which is more of a hands on session for babies and toddlers.


Apps / Websites

We’re quite lucky that in this day and age “there’s an app for that” and literally everything, if you want to look online for meet ups in your area,  Let’s Mush and Mummy Social are a great place to start.

Get Outside

Go out for a walk – sling or buggy whether you meet friends or walk alone. Getting out in the fresh air with your baby will be great for both of you.

Baby sensory classes

Baby sensory classes are another good way to meet other Mums with children of a similar age. Once again there are lots of options across London and the UK. Check out BabySensory for more information.

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 18.29.27.png

The great thing about all of the classes we’ve mentioned, yoga, baby massage etc, is that hopefully you’ll be able to meet some new Mummy friends that also attend.

Remember those early days can be tricky, you need to make some time for you.

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