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14fiftyseven provide tailormade household and PA staffing solutions, without the typical one-size-fits-all approach. A fresh and new company that really care about both the families looking to hire and the individuals looking for a new position.
Below they have kindly shared their post about how to find the right match when looking for a nanny.

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How to Hire a Nanny – a new way of thinking
By Susie Osborough, Director 14fiftyseven

Over recent weeks I have had the pleasure of speaking to a variety of families, all wondering how to hire a nanny. Every family’s situation is unique – and everyone wants the perfect result to suit their circumstances.

One recurring theme is continuity and retention, as multiple changes can be unsettling for children. Many of our clients have successful careers and go above and beyond to excel in the workplace. Some have teams that report to them and are performance managed to empower them to be the best they can be. But, ironically, back at home, when looking at how to hire a nanny, the setup is very different. I asked prospective clients how many of them performance manage their childcare providers. The answer was an astonishing zero. How is it that the care for the most treasured thing in their lives – their children – is left mostly to chance?

Often in life, we shy away from performance reviews. Hearing constructive feedback can be hard. That’s where 14fiftyseven steps in to mediate. We don’t just help with hiring a nanny and then walk away, we frequently check back in to ensure the relationship is meeting everyone’s expectations. When concerns arise, on either side, we help mediate.

How to get the best match for you

I know from my own experience, where I had no choice but to leave my children from a young age, that the decisions about how to hire a nanny can be agonising. Maybe this is why so many of us push it to the bottom of the list. Last Saturday, my eldest got married. Emotional times – and I found myself reflecting on how I had managed my work life balance, yet again. This experience affords me the ability to empathise with our clients who are looking at how to hire a nanny, and to help them find the best match. Recruitment is a bit like dating; everyone has to get on, particularly when sharing living space.

The role of the nanny has evolved over recent years. Today’s nannies are often graduates who offer a wonderfully diverse skillset. They care, they manage, they educate, they fix, they solve, and most of all they add value to enhance our clients’ lifestyle choices. Gone are the days of the kids being away at school, leaving the nanny to sit idle, watching daytime soaps and surf the net using your broadband. At 14fiftyseven, we approach how to hire a nanny differently. We encourage families to offer a diverse job description. This can mean childcare, cooking, gardening, laundry, animal care, PA work, driving and anything else that seamlessly supports you, the client, to excel at what you do. The key is that everyone knows what is expected.

We don’t particularly like the term nanny, as we feel it undermines the incredibly skilled support they offer. We refer to them as lifestyle managers, but truthfully titles aren’t what matters. We are all about getting the job done and when issues arise, as they will in any family situation, we are on hand to mediate and propose solutions. When you’re hiring a nanny, it’s great to know you have our backup, just in case you need it.
We actively listen to our clients’ needs and don’t over promise and under deliver. We know that’s key when you are in the business of matching candidates to clients’ specific needs. Why not call us +44 (0)208 616 1457 for an informal chat about what your childcare requirements are; the more diverse the better. How to hire a nanny just got a whole lot easier.

Thank you Susie.

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