Out & About | Easter in the Cotswolds


We’ve rounded up a selection of activities going on around the Cotswolds area for a whole range of ages to enjoy.

Blenheim Palace

30 March – 2 April

“Follow an over-sized Easter Egg Hunt throughout the ‘Capability’ Brown Parkland and Pleasure Gardens with some 8ft giant decorated eggs to find. Explore the grounds to seek out the special ‘Blenheim Egg’, note its location on your map and enter into a competition to win an Easter surprise.
The Pleasure Gardens will transform into an Easter wonderland with lots of interactive experiences, family-friendly activities and shows to enjoy…”
Fun for all the family with balloons, easter puppet show and trampolines. Find out more here.

Science Oxford

Wednesday  4th April – Grow Wild at the Botanic Garden
“Celebrate the start of spring with our very special gardening workshop and a great introduction to the science in nature. Perfect for all budding horticulturalists, we’ll be making greenhouses from plastic bags, sowing seeds and digging into the cleverness of plants with beanstalk mazes and upside down seedlings. Take a tour of the glasshouses, create invisible plant food from common kitchen ingredients and learn how to turn a white carnation pink!”

Thursday 5th April – Spring into Science
“Spring into science this April with an exciting hands-on family workshop at the Old Museum that celebrates our favourite season. Learn about the water cycle and create raining clouds, then design beautiful spring flowers and butterflies using a special science trick to create their colours. Finally, make soft and squishy playdough with natural scents to take home at the end of the session.”

Saturday 7th April – Catapults and Castles
“Since ancient times, the catapult has been a masterful piece of technology used by armies to smash the walls of castles and fortresses. From trebuchets to ballistas and mangonels, these powerful siege engines were craftily engineered to fire objects such as rocks and burning tar balls a very long way. Now it’s the turn of your young engineers to build and test their own sling-shot machines before working in teams to try and overcome the opponents battlements.”

Wednesday 11th April – Pilot School -Up, Up and Away
“What connects toilet roll to a clever mathematician from hundreds of years ago? How do airplanes stay in the sky and can rocket mice fly? Come along to our workshop at Roald Dahl Museum for 6-10 year olds to find out! Young aviators will learn all about air flight using chocolate, make a ball float magically in mid-air, make small rocket-mice fly and build an amazing paper airplane.”

Chipping Norton Theatre

Wednesday 4th April – Boys’ Dance Day
“This workshop is designed especially for boys, providing them with the rare opportunity to dance with other boys and explore contemporary and urban dance techniques. Led by a male dancer, the workshops are suitable for all levels of experience.”

Monday 9th April – Play in Two Days
“Participants will engage in drama games, storytelling and improvisations and then create their own version of a traditional tale to show to their families on our stage.”

Wednesday 11th April – Stomp Style Body Percussion
“Stomping, clapping and everything in between- this dynamic, high-energy session will explore the use of the body as a percussive instrument. Participants will learn traditional and contemporary rhythms and will then be given tools to compose and perform thier own ideas.”

Cotswold Falconry Centre

With so many birds to see and activities for all the family to enjoy, be sure not to miss visiting this falconry centre this Easter. Click here for more information.

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