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My charges subscribe to the fantastic science Whizz Pop Bang! magazine. Every month they find out new and wonderful facts…sometimes gross, such as this month there is a lot to do with poo. Including how to make edible poo and whilst looking after only boys I’m sure you can imagine they cannot wait to make that. Unfortunately I’m not totally sharing their enthusiasm, but hey ho! I digress…


This ‘magic trick’ published a couple of months back really took my charge by surprise. He was so interested in it and we repeated the trick over and over again to see if we could work the science out behind it.
The trick was to make a star out of using cocktail sticks and water without touching the sticks – once in place!


I tested this out before doing it with my charge and I kept the ‘you should find’ part away from him so we could discover the reason by ourselves – with some guidance from my new found knowledge!


It is a slow trick, don’t expect it to spring into place, a little patience is key but as you can see from my charge’s photo our star is well on it’s way to forming. Try it! Build up a repertoire of small and easy experiments like this to whip out at a moments notice of boredom or bad weather!

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 21.21.15

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