Activities | 5 Outdoor Activities Every Nanny Should Have Up Their Sleeve

With the weather warming up slightly, we’re trying to get outside as much as we can – especially with the lighter evenings too. With that in mind today we’ve got ‘5 Outdoor Activities Every Nanny Should Have Up Their Sleeve’ to share with you. 

So let’s wrap up – pop the waterproofs on and get outside! 

Further pocketnannies reading on outside play, includes this discussion. You can also find our recent post of 5 Indoor Activities Every Nanny Should Have Up Their Sleeve just here.

  1. Know how to play some simple running games.
    -Sardines is kind of like hide’n’seek however just one person hides and when you find them you hide with them. The last person to find them is the person who hides in the next game.
    -Tag is the simplest running game. Someone is appointed IT and has to run around and ‘tag’ people. When someone gets tagged they become IT.
    -Stuck in the mud is a variation of Tag. When the person who is IT tags you, you become stuck and can’t move. You have to stand with your legs and arms apart and the only way to be freed is if someone else crawls through your legs.
    -50 50 In, you designate a tree or door or something as your base. One person is IT and counts to 20 and everyone else runs away. The aim is to get back to base and shout ’50 50 in’ before being tagged. If you get tagged before getting back to base you also become IT and can tag people as well.pexels-photo
  2. Nature hunts
    -Take a bag and perhaps even make a list of thing you would like to find on your hunt. Collect things like sticks, pine cones, leaves from different types of trees, an acorn,a helicopter maple seed, rocks with different textures. Tick off things you can’t put in a bag and bring home, such as, animals and bugs, types of flowers, spiders webs and animal tracks.
    -Take a disposable camera to capture everything you see on your hunt and make a poster when you get them developed.pexels-photo-220455
  3. Den building
    -Using large sticks, big leaves and string
    -Take an old towel or sheet out to the woods with you to help build a denpexels-photo-909554
  4. Mudpie’s
    -Supply the child/ren with spoons and containers that you dont mind getting muddy
    -Give them a space in your garden that you don’t mind being dug up or take them to the woods or forest and let them create mudpies. If the weather has been dry take a few bottles of water to help make the mud.
    -Encourge the child/ren to add natural things from their environment into their pies. For example leaves, small stones, grass, moss, bark and small sticks.
    -Remember mud is just mud and washes off clothes and bodies very easily.pexels-photo-132699
  5. Wellie walks
    -When it’s raining outside or shortly after, pop on everyone’s waterproofs and wellies and get outside. Let children jump in those puddles even the muddiest ones, maybe even join in yourself.

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