People & Products | 7 Ways to Use your Moses Basket by Violet and Oscar

Violet and Oscar is a small family run business striving for the very best quality products for their customers that last, are ethical and also look beautiful in your home. They believe in the ethos that we are at our best when we are acting responsibly, treating one another with love and compassion, and finding humour, joy and laughter in everyday. 

Violet and Oscar sell a range of beautifully soft sleep suits and vests, as well as the most stylish and dreamy Moses baskets. Below they have let us share their wonderful post on some very clever and different ways to use your Moses basket. 

7 Ways to Use your Moses Basket

For any new mum, the idea of getting your home ready for the arrival of your little one can be overwhelming to say the least. Not only are you figuring out what to buy (cots, swings, playmat, car seats, prams) but your are picking from a myriad of brands and styles. And lets not forget, you’re making all of these decisions with a human being growing happily in that little tummy. Decisions please Mummy! In all of those choices, nothing is more enduring and rooted in time than a Moses basket.


1.SLEEP: Generations of babies have had their first nights sleep in a Moses basket with the first reference dating back to the bible. At V+O, every Moses basket is handmade by a community of weavers in Ghana using natural materials and dying processes. You and your baby can sleep soundly knowing the attention and care that has gone into creating these one of a kind baskets.

2.PICNIC: With our son being born in the summer, we took advantage of every moment to get outside and enjoy the summer sun. Bring an umbrella and place your basket in the shady breeze on a summer day. Your little one will be as happy as you to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.

3.PHOTO OP: Your basket provides the perfect photo opportunity for announcement cards, baby books, instagram and the constant photo feed to your friends and family or your first months of life with baby. For an extra special photo moment, put all your kiddos in the basket. They’ll love it and so will you!

4.SPACE SAVER: Due to their size, Moses baskets can compliment any room big or small. A Moses basket can easily fit into your room in those first couple of months making baby easily accessible or become the focal item of the nursery. Moses baskets are an excellent interim solution if you plan to transition your newborn to their own nursery once they are ready.

5.MOBILITY: In those first few months, you may want baby to be right by your side at all times. Moses baskets can be moved easily and with very little effort. As long as they’re placed on a flat sturdy surface you have a bed anywhere you go. They’re also great for travelling even if just for a cup of tea around at your Mum’s or friend’s house!

6.BEAUTIFUL STORAGE: Once your baby has out grown the Moses basket they become great places to keep teddies or blankets in. Equally you can have them anywhere around the house for all types of storage.

7.ROOM DECOR: With so many different colours and tones these Moses baskets can be the perfect item to help finish your baby’s room decor.

The love and craftsmanship put into these Moses baskets make them one of a kind. They are all handmade using natural materials and dyes making them safe and durable. They are functional, practical and beautiful – the perfect combination. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

We’ve experienced first hand the most wonderful customer service from Violet and Oscar. Lets support small businesses!!
Find Violet and Oscars full range of Moses baskets here

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