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This lovely idea came from a friend of ours after we spotted it on her social media page. She was kind enough to allow us to share it with you and the rest of our fabulous readers. We have mentioned many, many times on pocketnannies about how books can create strong childhood memories, often recalling a number of our own, but we just love this idea so much and think it is such a great keepsake to look back on over the years.

The idea is that you buy a pack of post cards, in this case the aptly chosen Puffin book postcards, and use a different postcard as a bookmark for each book that you read to your child. Once the book is finished you write on the postcard the name of the book, when it was read, who read it to them and then list a couple of points, good and bad, favourites and dislikes, highs and lows about the book. You can them keep these safe and look back on them in years to come – a brilliant way to remember what was read to you as a child.


There are several things we love about this idea. Firstly how young you can start this. If you read our post a couple of weeks back about why it is important to read to your children (read it here) you will have seen that we suggested reading a more advanced book to your child than their reading ability for them to listen to and become absorbed in. This is the perfect example of this, as an adult you can write the card for the child but with their thoughts and feelings. This then leads onto when a child can read independently and perhaps reads the same book again (perhaps this time they read it to you) you can see how different their points are on both cards.
For an older child, they can write their own card and this makes for a good opportunity to practise a small amount of language skill. Ask the child to use as many different adjectives as they can, perhaps they could find the ones used in their favourite part of the book. By only having a small space to write in can help them practice writing consice but thoughtful points.

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