Top Tips | Nannying On A Ski Holiday

Skiing with kids

Are you off skiing this winter with your nanny family? Lucky you, as you’re going to have so much fun. Even if you are just there to look after the youngest members of the family who are a bit too small to get out on the slopes, theres still so much fun to be had with them. A ski holiday is quite different to other holidays you might have been on with your nanny family before, so below we have listed some important safety info you need to think about and then some activity ideas to help you make the most fun out there in the snow.

Cold Weather Safety

  • Check children’s clothes regularly to make sure their clothes and shoes are dry and still keeping them warm. Remove wet clothing as quick as possible.
  • Remember that bulky ski coats and car seats don’t mix. Even though it will be cold you still need to remove their coats when strapping them in to their car seat, you can then lay the coat over them as a blanket to keep them warm.
  • Make frequent trips back inside to warm back up throughout the day. Warm drinks will warm a child quickly.
  • Even though its cold, children can still become dehydrated, so remind them to keep drinking water.
  • Remember the suncream when skiing, including on their lips. The sun reflecting on the snow can cause bad sunburn.
  • Don’t forget to hire helmets with your ski hire.
  • Explain to older children the first signs of frostbite. If any exposed skin becomes red and tingly, it’s time to come inside.
  • Last year we featured Smalls, a children’s marino wool clothing company. Marino wool is the perfect layering clothing to keep kids warm in cold weather. Find the post here.

sweden-children-girls-sled-Skiing with kids

Cold Weather Fun

  • Fill small spray bottles with water, coloured with food dye and let them spray the snow. You can also use watercolour paints out in the snow.
  • Fill water bomb balloons with water and tie a knot in the end. Leave outside in the snow and the next morning cut the balloon away from the ice inside. You’ll have made lots of ice balls. You could also place small plastic toys in the balloons with the water and then when frozen the children have to try and rescue the toy from the ice.
  • Build a snowman for each member of the family and try and see if you can make them look like each person.
  • Blow bubbles and see if they freeze in the cold weather.
  • Place a bucket or container a suitable distance away and make a pile of snowballs and see how many you can get into the container.
  • Sledging
  • Many ski resorts have indoor pools either in the hotels or just in the towns. A great indoor activity when the children need a break from skiing.
  • Take a pack of glow sticks and make an indoor glow stick hunt by hiding them and turning off the lights or pop them in the bath for an extra fun bath time. See here for our post on a glow stick bath.
  • Take a pack of cards! SO many games you can play or even try building a tower with them. Uno and Dobble are also great games that don’t take up much space in your suitcase.

skiing with kids

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