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There are many times that busy parents and nannies face toing and froing from one activity to the next, possibly with younger children in tow. Inevitably you will experience a short period of time where you have some time to spare and no doubt a young child to occupy. Even 10 minutes here and there can add up during the day and a young child can get quite restless having to wait at the next pick up location. The following ‘Let’s Explore…’ activity books from Lonely Planet have proved to be a great way to pass the time both enjoyably and educationally.

This is the first of the series of books we used, encapsulating the imagination of my charge about the world that lives below the sea by reading the adventures of Marco and Amelia. We loved solving puzzles and creating new pictures and scenes with the wonderfully colourful (and good quality) stickers provided.

These activity books have vivid, detailed and engaging pictures. Paired with brilliant descriptions of the environment with interesting facts on various topics (my charge was thrilled to learn it was the Daddy seahorse that gave birth to the babies!), plenty of choice between sticker activities, drawing, puzzles and colouring pages this is certainly one book to keep in the car for those moments of limbo and a child to occupy. These are ideal for children from 4years old to do together to begin with and are also great for young children who can read independently. Below are the rest of the series that provide a great insight into different enivronments your child will love learning about!

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